Handbag-2 Bundle

Price: 12.95 $
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FORMAT: KONTAKT 3.02+, KONTAKT 4.2.4+, ESX24 - 96kHz/24bit mono.

Leather Handbag-2 Bundle contains 3 SFX-Instruments including while walking, zippers, hits, drops and handling noises.

Overview for Leather Handbag-2 SFX-Instrument:

-One Key Cycle

-26 samples of relaxed walking

-26 samples of normal walking

-26 samples of fast walking

-26 samples of run

-20 samples of scuffs

-26 samples of climbing stairs

-26 samples of down stairs

Overview for Leather Handbag-2 Scuffs SFX-Instrument:

-73 samples of zippers and handling noises mapped from the shortest to the longer samples (C0 to D#8)

Overview for Leather Handbag-2 Hits SFX-Instrument:

-31 samples of hits and drops sounds

-File size: 160 MB zip file