Snowshoes-1 Bundle

Price: 129.95 $
Including taxes

FORMAT:  KONTAKT 4.2.4+ 5+, EXS24 - 96kHz/24bit mono.

Snowshoes-1 Bundle SFX-Instruments includes a total of sixteen (16) SFX-Instruments of aluminum snowshoes on different snow surfaces, individual aluminium poles SFX-Instruements (no snowshoes) and a free winter sport jacket. The bundle contains more than 1GB of samples.


Sixteen (16) SFX-Instruments are included

  1. Compact Snow-1 SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  2. Compact Snow-2 SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  3. Compact Snow-3 SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  4. Corn Snow SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  5. Crust Deep Snow SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  6. Crust Med-Deep Snow SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  7. Crust Thin Deep Snow SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  8. Fresh Deep Snow SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  9. Fresh Med-Deep Snow SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  10. Fresh Snow Moves Only (61 samples)
  11. On Ice SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  12. Poles SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  13. Poles on Ice SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  14. Spring Snow SFX-Instrument (OKC)
  15. Spring Snow Moves (61 samples)
  16. Nylon Sport Jacket SFX-Instrument (OKC) FREE

Snowshoes-1 Bundle SFX-Instruments includes the One Key Cycle (OKC)

  • 26 total samples of slow snowshoeing
  • 26 samples of normal snowshoeing
  • 26 samples of fast snowshoeing
  • 26 samples of run
  • 20 samples of moves and scuffs
  • 26 samples of climbing
  • 26 samples of down the slope

-File size:  1,1 GB zip file